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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

"Yankees Hot Stove" TV program: Yanks will NOT sign David Price.

Yankee charity starts at home. Steinbrenner Kids: add cheap to dumb, lazy and tacky. Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hal Steinbrenner, grow a pair and sign David Price yourself. Monday, November 16, 2015

Hal Steinbrenner needs to grow a pair of balls.

Then for good measure, fire Cashman's ass.




Check the YES Network schedule for a replay or watch it on the Internet to judge for yourself but the one hour "Yankees Hot Stove" TV program I listened to last night gave assurances that, no matter how much it might make sense, the Yankees will not sign free agent lefty starting pitcher David Price.  Consensus: Price will be signed by the Chicago Cubs.  The Cubbies!?  Not the Yankees!?  Say it ain't so!


Among those commenting: Yankee play-by-play announcer Micheal Kay and Yankee TV analyst Jack Curry.

There was a lot of blah, blah, blah.  Nothing that made any real sense other than they felt that the Yankees, meaning the Steinbrenner Kids, did not want to spend big bucks.  They seemed to unknowingly contradict this by pointing out that some current big contracts would expire soon:
NameAgeYrsAcquiredSrvTmAgentContract Status201620172018201920202021
Alex Rodriguez4021Traded21.011Jay Reisinger,Jim...10 yrs/$252.87M (08-17)$21M$21MFA
CC Sabathia3515Free Agency15.000Greg Genske, Scot...8 yrs/$182M (09-16) & 17 vesting option$25M$5M [FA-*]FA
Mark Teixeira3613Free Agency13.000Casey Close/Excel...8 yrs/$180M (09-16)$23.12MFA

That link contains the details on money owed to each Yankee in the future.  The Yankees are already committed to spend $184 million in 2016.  But Teixeira ($23M), Sabathia ($25M) and Carlos Beltran ($15M) will be gone after 2016 and Rodriguez ($21M, $21) after 2017.

So why not add David Price?  With Price the Yankees have a chance to qualify for the 2016 tournament.  Without Price, the Yankees will be lucky to be on the bubble.  Worst scenario: Price re-signs with Toronto or switches to Boston, both division rivals.  Better he goes to the Cubs.  Ouch!

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