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Monday, December 28, 2015

DH is a NON-position.

Among some of the all too usual blathering about the Hall of Fame was this by Micheal Kay, Yankee announcer, in promoting DH Edgar Martinez (OPS+ 147) for the Hall: "DH is a position."  He has said it multiple times.
Photo of Edgar Martínez
Designated Hitter (DH) is NOT a position.  DH is a NON-position.  As a fielding position its status is null.  Is pinch hitter (PH) a position?  Only if the PH remains in the game and plays the field in which case he's no longer a PH.  He's a baseball player.

It's difficult to understand how an otherwise semi-intelligent person can say something so obviously incorrect.  Try to make the case for a DH by some other means but this is just silly.

The case I would make is this: a DH should bloody well hit like Ted Williams (OPS+ 190) to warrant consideration for the Hall of Fame. None have or are ever likely to.  Besides, it should be changed to a designated FIELDER!

Designated FIELDER, 8 batters! Now that's entertainment! Sunday, December 27, 2015


Cristian Smistad said...

Please stop posting your opinions on the internet...

Kenneth Matinale said...

That's it? From someone hiding behind a bear cartoon? Not enlightening.