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Monday, December 21, 2015

Hall of Lists.

Why are we still so absorbed by the Hall of Fame?  We all think it's pretty dopey, yet we still want it to work even though we know that it's well beyond fixing.  And fix it how?  Your fix is not my fix.  Here's an example of a guy getting carried away with reform:

A Course Correction for Cooperstown

No, I didn't read it all.  Too long and convoluted.

There's another guy who has a Hall of the Very Good.  No doubt you've heard of the Hall of Merit.

Hall of Stats cuts to the chase.  It even has a consensus page:


It contains a matrix showing which eight halls contain particular players.  Merit and Stats eliminate the dreaded character, integrity, sportsmanship stuff.  They are exclusively performance based.  But what is the criteria?  Unfortunately, it increasingly has become Wins Above Replacement (WAR) or some such thing.  Whatever the criteria, it boils down to lists.  Who decides how long a list can be?

Are the lists the top x number or a percent of players?  By position?  Pitchers, too?  They are not players and they are part time.  Relief pitchers?  They are part time part timers.

Statistical lists would be dynamic.  The criteria could change and even when it doesn't, the players who were on the list yesterday might be replaced by active players who moved up and/or on today.

So players on those lists would not be immortal.  That's probably just as well.  Being on the list even for just one day would be quite an honor.  We don't need halls.  Just lists.

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