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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Alex Rodriguez: future Yankee manager.

Alex Rodriguez could one day become the manager of the New York Yankees.

I was watching the "Hot Stove" program on the YES Network and two panelists mentioned that Rodriguez could be a good mentor for the newly acquired Starlin Castro, a fellow shortstop being moved to another infield position.  Castro was born in the Dominican Republic, so his first language was Spanish.  The Major Baseball League (MBL) recently started a policy requiring teams to provide Spanish speaking translators who may not be a coach or trainer but just a translator.  Yankee Carlos Beltran, born in Puerto Rico, was advocating this for years and was instrumental in getting it implemented.

Rodriguez was born in New York City but spent some formative years, starting at age four, in the Dominican Republic.  Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish.

During the discussion of Rodriguez being a mentor to Castro, video was shown of Rodriguez advising current Yankee shortstop Didi Gregorius in the field at that position during practice.  Rodriguez seemed very patient and positive and Gregorius very attentive and receptive to what Rodriguez had to say.  Lest we forget, Rodriguez had been a Gold Glove winning shortstop prior to joining the Yankees in 2004.

Rodriguez did some studio commentary for Fox TV during the 2015 tournament and received positive reviews.  Rodriguez seems to enjoy teaching younger players.  Rodriguez also has a charismatic personality, which when used constructively, is quite an asset.  His teammates in 2015 all seemed to hold him in high regard.

Rodriguez knows baseball.  He has been studying it since he was a child.  Rodriguez also seems quite intelligent.

Rodriguez is currently the most interesting Yankee, which is somewhat a commentary on the lackluster nature of the current roster.  As interest in the team wanes, the Steinbrenner Kids may instinctively look for a quick fix.  The recent positive relations between them and Rodriguez may evolve into Rodriguez being offered the position of manager after he has retired.  That might coincide with incumbent Joe Girardi being about ready to relieve himself of the tension of the Yankee job.

I'm not saying that this is a sure thing or that Rodriguez might not need to serve as a coach first but Rodriguez has the attributes, including being bilingual, which would seem to be something that teams should have been seeking in managers and coaches for a while.

If it happens, operative reactions might be:
- irony abounds
- contrition before absolution.

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