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Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Pitchers who rake": main stream media challenges: Why aren't you an idiot for wanting pitchers to bat?

You cannot make up stuff like this.  Views that could not be more conflicting, either in substance or imagination.  Note the chronology.


Pitchers batting: Why aren't you an idiot for wanting this? Thursday, January 21, 2016 8:55 AM

Defend yourselves.  It's indefensible.  It's not entertaining.  Spare us the obligatory Bartolo Colon is so funny looking ridiculous at the plate.  Who wants to watch any sporting event in which one player is so over matched?  There is no strategy or tactic that justifies it.  Obviously, managers gave up on evaluating pitchers on their ability to hit over a hundred years ago.  Check out Connie Mack, who raised the idea of a DH in 1906.  See the featured post at the top right about having only eight batters and a designated fielder.  Geez, come on.  This is basic stuff.  It doesn't need to be studied and then maybe phased in over several years.  Just do it ... in 2016.  Eight men bat!

Pitchers in 2015 with at least 50 plate appearances, sorted by OPS+ ...


There followed a list of 41 pitchers.  Only one had OPS+ near 100, which would be league average: Madison Bumgarner 101, which is one percent over league average.  Sixteen had OPS+ of zero or better.  Thirty-five had negative OPS+.  I don't even know how to describe that.  The lowest of the low: -68 OPS+.

Today I happened to notice this conventional lament about the possible end of pitchers batting in the National Conference, replaced, not be a designated fielder and eight batters, but by the same unimaginative American Conference designated hitter rule.  The title alone should warn you to brace yourself for nonsense.  Note, the aforementioned obligatory Bartolo Colon reference in both the first and last sentences.

Pitchers who rake: the best hitting pitchers in baseball
Friday, January 22, 2016, 10:26 AM

If Rob Manfred gets his way, the baseball world could lose out on its greatest gift: a Bartolo Colon at-bat.

The MLB commissioner has recently spoken about the increased possibility of the National League adopting the designated hitter as soon as 2017, keeping pitchers away from the batter's box...

But not all pitchers flail away.

Some, in fact, are perfectly adequate with a bat...

Here's a look at eight of the best hitting pitchers in baseball ...

Honorable mention: Bartolo Colon

Because nothing is better than Bartolo Colon.



Since the writer's email ID was provided I sent a link to my post but have yet to get a reply.

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