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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hall of Fame posts.

Click this link.  Here is a list with the most recent at the top:

Hall of Lists.

Dan Okrent: ignore integrity, sportsmanship, character for Hall of Fame. Argh! Just kill the Hall of Fame.

Top 25 center fielders OPS+. Jim Edmonds is number 12.

Ken Griffey, Jr.: rich man, poor man.

Hall of Fame posts, including Kill the Hall of Fame.

Who said that Brian Kenny, Jay Jaffe, etc. have the option of ignoring character as a Hall of Fame criteria?

Hall of Fame voting structure that deals with the ignored 66% of the criteria about character.

My Pete Rose Hall of Fame rule: for every day you lied, you wait a day for consideration.

What happened to the Buck Weaver precedent: those with knowledge of wrong doing are also guilty?

Should writers make news by voting for awards and Hall of Fame?

Drugs: Barry Bonds v. Tim Raines.

Hall of Fame: how many are too many?

Pedro Martinez: perfect game, 8th inning, drills batter.

Head hunting psychopath elected to Hall of Fame, steroid suspect not. Hypocrisy run rampant.

Hall of Fame criteria: 66% about character, which is all but ignored.

Tim Raines: not MVP, not Hall of Fame. Rickey Henderson Lite.

Edgar Martinez: not MVP, not Hall of Fame.

Pedro Martinez v. Mike Mussina: Hall of Fame character criteria judged by Hit by Pitch.

Boycott Hall of Fame announcement. Kill Cooperstown!

Replace the Hall of Fame with a modern museum in New York or Chicago.

Pedro Martinez: does intentionally hitting batters constitute a character flaw that eliminates him from the Hall of Fame?

Kill the Hall of Fame.

Hall of Fame: how many bites of the apple are too many?

Hall of Fame Inductions and Deductions.

Hall of Fame pitcher Pud Galvin used a steroid. Big deal?

Hall of Fame voters code of conduct introduced ... after 78 years. Say what?

Bud Selig: longest serving member of the Hall of Fame Board of Directors.

Tony LaRussa managed Mark McGwire (twice). So why is LaRussa a Hall of Famer but not McGwire?

Hall of Fame: how about a deduction for every induction? Stop diluting by adding to the bottom.

Hall of Fame: Blyleven, now maybe Mussina? Is it so?

If Mike Mussina is a Hall of Famer, why not Kevin Brown?

Mike Mussina for the Hall of Fame? OK but just don't shout it.

Hall of Fame Teammates

Mantle v. Hall of Fame pitchers

BASEBALL WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA gave Hall of Fame recognition to ... a writer.

Why Alan Trammell but not Lou Whitaker for the Hall of Fame?

Hall of Fame: how about an all new election every year?

Fans already voted for the Hall of Fame ... with their feet.

Honor Code: start with living Hall of Fame members.

Honor code: "not ... tolerate those who do (lie, cheat, steal)".

Honor Code: a player will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.

Woodward and Bernstein they ain't.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Bonds, Clemens, McGwire, Sosa.

How come no one is mad at the Babe?

BASEBALL WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION OF AMERICA lacks "integrity, sportsmanship, character".

Hall of Fame Hypocrisy: can it get much worse?

Hall of Fame: "integrity, sportsmanship, character".

Hall of Fame: is it business or personal?

Most Hall of Famers and MVP in a Starting Lineup.

Paul Molitor and the steroid zealots.

Hall of Fame vote: mine.

Hall of Fame 1947-1972 veterans committee

Hall of Fame managers

Mel Stottlemyre for the Hall of Fame!

Halls of Fame: inconsistent criteria of writers.

Bert Blyleven: more research reduces his Hall of Fame credentials

Blyleven v. Ford

Bert Blyleven elected to Hall of Fame: say it ain't so!

Hall of Fame Voting: should it be correlated to MVP/CY?

Hall of Fame candidates.

How about limiting the number of pitchers in Hall of Fame to 50?

Hall of Fame: why elect ANY pitchers?

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