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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Context neutral?

Opening day or game 162?

Opening day or game 162 but no chance to qualify for the tournament?

Opening day or game 162 with a chance to qualify for the tournament?

Mariano Rivera pitching the first inning or the ninth inning?

Batting against Clayton Kershaw or Nathan Eovaldi?

In Yankee Stadium, hitting a fair fly 350 feet down the right field line or to center field?

Ichiro Suzuki, whose only batting skill was getting singles, in 2004, his only season with an on base average over .400, leading off in the first inning or batting in the 9th of a tie game with a runner on third?

Games in Denver or games not in Denver?

Masahiro Tanaka or Brendan Ryan, infielder, pitching the final two innings Aug. 25, 2015: Astros 15, Yankees 1? How valid are the eighth inning singles off Ryan by Marwin Gonzalez and Jake Marisnick? How about the lone Yankee RBI by Greg Bird on a two out ground out in the bottom of the ninth?

Batter grounds out or batter charged with grounding out on a fielder's choice that drives in the winning run in the ninth inning?

Wrigley Field: wind blowing out in June or blowing in in April?

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