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Monday, February 29, 2016

Is jerking around thinking?

Stepping off, stepping out. Can they possibly be thinking? Would performance suffer if they stopped jerking around?

Staying in the batter's box didn't hurt Ted Williams. Pitching quickly didn't make Whitey Ford less effective.

So what the heck?

And why don't they need to stop and think when performing other tasks, like running the bases and fielding? There's no time to think, only react. You know, like football and basketball. They just go and do their thinking during a time out.

Maybe if baseball teams could call a time out, they could pack their thinking into that condensed period.

It's amazing that not one of the thirty teams even considers speeding up. Being the one and only might give that team a competitive advantage, even if that ends when the other teams imitate. At least the first speedy team would receive positive reactions from its fans.

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