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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Negate play and eject player for mocking opponents.

That should cover a walk off home run. If you behave like Jose Bautista or David Ortiz, your accomplishment does not count. So if their excuse for taunting, mocking and otherwise exhibiting poor sportsmanship is that they are overcome with exuberance, then watch how quickly they can control themselves if their hit is wiped out, especially when their teammates are outraged ... at them.

Ortiz has once again exhibited bad behavior by telling people who do not like the bat flip and other conduct that shows up an opponent by telling all of them to shut up. Nice. This from a guy who put in less effort than anyone in the last decade.

Jim Kaat, born Nov. 7, 1938 in Michigan, has refused to "shut up". Good for him. It is now fashionable to excuse bad behavior.  The general excuse is that generally it is fun. Wow, look at those players acting like preening jackasses. How entertaining. There's also the condescending attitude that players from countries other than the United States, typically Spanish speaking countries, have different cultures, and that they should be allowed to express themselves. This is nothing more than pretending to be open minded but it's really the excuse makers stating that these other people cannot control themselves.

Ironically, it's inconceivable that the excuse makers would suggest anything comparable for players from the USA exhibiting unacceptable bad USA behavior while playing in Japan. No, the USA players are rightly expected to respect the protocols of the host country.

It's easy for the excuse makers to make this old farts v. new whatevers. Bryce Harper has mumbled something about making the game more exiting.

Bryce Harper: "pimp, pimp, pimps". Stupid? Maybe. Uneducated? Obviously. Friday, March 11, 2016

Then there's the best player, Mike Trout.

Mike Trout: Bat flips after home runs disrespect pitcher

Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout does not condone bat flipping

Angels slugger Mike Trout disagrees with Bryce Harper’s stance on baseball needing more flair.

BY SI WIRE Posted: Thu Mar. 17, 2016

Last week, Harper told ESPN that baseball had become a tired sport because of its lack of opportunity for self expression. He advocated for adding more theatrics to the game, mentioning hitters celebrating when they hit home runs.

On Wednesday, Trout told the Los Angeles Times not to expect such theatrics from him.

“I just keep it the same,” Trout said. “I don’t try to show anybody up. Whatever somebody else does, that’s what they do.”

• Goose Gossage on Bryce Harper: Kid has no respect for baseball

Trout said dramatic bat flips disrespect the pitcher, so the only place he could be caught performing one is in the batting cage.

“We mess around in the cage and stuff,” he said. “During the game, I just hit the ball and go. I go out there and try to respect the game. I go out there and play. My parents always taught me to be humble.”

Harper, 23, and Trout, 24, have both won MVP awards in their respective leagues, but have not played against each other since 2014 when the Angels last visited Washington.

- Erin Flynn


I'm guessing that Bautista, Ortiz and even Harper would consider some acts as inappropriate. Maybe mooning. Maybe sticking your thumbs in your ears, sticking out your tongue and waving your fingers. Maybe giving a "fuck you" sign, either full arm or the infinitely effeminate finger. Undoubtedly, something would offend even them.

So, we're not even talking about anything goes, just what's what.

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