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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Carlos Correa: how many prospects would Yankee fans trade to get him?

Photo of Carlos CorreaWhen I first saw Carlos Correa last July I told friends that he was Alex, only better than Alex. Alex Rodriguez.

Now I'm asking: how many prospects would Yankee fans trade to get Carlos Correa? Obviously, this is way of evaluating, not a literal exercise.

The idea would be to let the current team of Correa dictate and Yankee fans decide when it was too much. I'm starting with the number three. I'd let the Houston Astros take any three players. Since Correa is paid so little Houston would probably want prospects but I would not restrict them. If Houston wanted current high priced old veterans for some bizarre reason, fine. It's not like the Yankees have Mike Trout.

I assume number one on the Astros list would be starting pitcher Luis Severino. Take him.

Injured Greg Bird, heir apparent at first base, a position Houston needs to fill? Take Bird. Yanks can re-sign Mark Teixeira to a new contract if he does not get injured in 2016.

Maybe Houston wants a young veteran to replace Correa at shortstop. The Yankees can offer Didi Gregorius.

Chances are that Houston would take their chances at shortstop and prefer another starting pitcher prospect. Pick one.

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