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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Trade Luis Severino for Matt Harvey?

Luis Severino, pitcher Yankees
Photo of Luis Severinoborn: 2/20/1994
Currently on Disabled List.
Pitching poorly when he suffered a minor arm injury. Good debut in 2015. Lots of potential.

Matt Harvey, pitcher Mets
Photo of Matt Harveyborn: 3/27/1989
Currently having worst season by far. Met fans booing him.
Debut 2012. Fourth in Cy Young award in 2013. "Tommy John" surgery caused him to miss 2014 and be used tentatively in 2015. Was great and could be again.

I ran this idea passed a fellow Yankee fan this morning and got this reply:

I think Harvey may be hurt and the Mets are in denial.  Even if he's healthy, he needs a bogus DL stint anyway. 
Severino is making a rehab start soon.

I'm not even thinking about this season, which is doomed with uninspired and uninspiring players. I'd make this trade in a New York minute. If Harvey comes back, he could be great for the next five years. Severino has never been great and projects to be good to very good. Severino is more of a sure thing, in part, because he's five years younger and has not had major surgery.

The Mets might go for this. At age 27 Harvey is finally making more than about the minimum of half a million: $4.3 million; arbitration eligible in 2017 and free agent in 2019.

Severino is arbitration eligible in 2019 and free agent in 2022.

As badly as Harvey is pitching he may not cost the Mets that much in 2017 but they might jump at the chance to start over with a strong young arm and lack of controversy. Severino has a no name agent v. Scott Boras for Harvey.

The big question is whether either team would even think of it. If so, would Yankee GM Brian Cashman have the imagination and/or nerve to do it?

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