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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Only 3 Yankee batters above league average with no viable options to improve.

Wow. Only the three outfielders have OPS+ greater than 100.

Sorted by OPS+
1RFCarlos Beltran#395822421033591301641001046.281.313.571.88413312061030
2CFJacoby Ellsbury*325221418825551053191261631.293.353.447.7991168432110
3LFBrett Gardner*32552201843246805141123039.250.367.375.7421046914200
4CBrian McCann*3248180158233550824002038.222.317.405.722956462001
52BStarlin Castro26572322211957101925201040.258.293.434.727959661000
6DHAlex Rodriguez403213012213274071920740.221.269.426.695855211000
7SSDidi Gregorius*265520119117518041921623.267.291.372.663797151210
83BChase Headley#3252191170174040312411840.235.309.312.621705331020
9OFAaron Hicks#2650132117152460212011121.205.267.308.575573650130
101BMark Teixeira(15-day dl)3648188167163050312102149.
Team Totals31.35921661960235476848642253411166409.243.304.392.6968876845138132
Rank in 15 AL teams1412141599771221114131314119
A-Rod has only 7 BB. Only Gregorius has fewer: 6.

Only Teixeira has a lower OPS+ than Hicks, TEN years his junior.

Beltran is the second oldest of this old bunch and he leads with OPS+ 133 and 16 homers.

Yanks best team ranks in the American Conference (AC): 9 of 15 in 3B and HR.

Second most SO in AC.

3 of the 10 are 26, the other 7 at least 32 years old.

Yanks desperately need Teixeira to return from injury and hit well. There is no viable replacement in the organization. As much as I like Rob Refsnyder, he lacks home run power and he's not hitting that much.

Rodriguez and Headley have shown signs of life recently but McCann is dropping as you'd expect of a 32 year old catcher. Rodriguez blocks Beltran from being DH, unless you play Rodriguez at 3B or 1B.

The primary option to Teixeira is Hicks: Replace Beltran with HIcks in right, put Beltran at 1B or DH and play Rodriguez at 1B. Or play McCann at 1B and Austin Romine at catcher. That means that Romine replaces Teixeira at bat.

So, it's Teixeira or Hicks or Romine. That's the big variable, i.e., not much. Everybody else is locked in with no one likely to come to the rescue.

General manager Brian Cashman created this. He must answer for it. When will Hal Steinbrenner hold Cashman responsible?

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