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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Strike Outs relative to all outs for teams in 2016.

The previous post showed strike outs (SO) as a percentage of all outs by batters for the National League from 1920 through 2015. That percentage had steadily increased to 31% in 2015 and is a bit higher in 2016. It is about the same for American Conference teams in 2016.

So let's look at teams in 2016. There are actually some that have more SO than Hits.

Houston has the most SO:
SO 527
Hits 435
AB 1848
Outs (AB-Hits) 1848-435 = 1413
SO% of Outs 527/1413 = 37.2%

Ouch. And yet Houston is scoring 4.22 runs per game and the average for all 30 teams is 4.35. Twelve teams score above the average, 18 below. Houston is tied with Toronto at 15. Toronto scored the most in 2015, followed by the Yankees. The Yanks are fourth from the bottom averaging 3.71 in 2016, a little better than only Minnesota and much better than Atlanta and Philadelphia.

Houston is tied for seventh in home runs with 69. Seattle leads with 73 followed by the Mets. League average is 58. Yanks have 52.

Other teams with at least 500 SO:
Milwaukee 510 SO, 420 Hits, 56 HR, 4.17 R/G
San Diego 504 SO, 426 Hits, 54 HR, 3.85 R/G

10 of the 30 teams have more SO than Hits. But not the:
Yankees 370 SO, 396 Hits, 52 HR, 3.71 R/G

More SO than Hits suggests that those teams are boring, which was the main point of the previous post:

"Combine that with interminable jerking around between ​each pitch results in fans being BORED."

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