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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tom Tango is not a real person.

Not by that name anyway, which should be placed in quotes.

A Q&A with Tom Tango: MLB’s New Data Guru
by Dave Cameron - June 8, 2016 fangraphs.com

Today, MLB Advanced Media is making a pretty exciting announcement, as they’ve brought in Tom Tango — who created many of the metrics we use here on FanGraphs, and is probably the closest thing this generation has had to Bill James in terms of advancing the understanding of the game — to serve as their Senior Database Architect of Stats. In other words, he’ll help facilitate the development and deployment of Statcast data...

I conducted a Q&A with Tango via email last week, and I think his answers were quite encouraging. Our conversation is below, and if you’re interested in hearing more, Tango also recorded an episode of the Statcast Podcast with Mike Petriello, which will be up shortly...

Many thanks to Tom for taking the time to have this discussion.


Our society has devolved into confusion between conversation (spoken words between and among persons) and an exchange of written messages. At least the messages contained in Dave Cameron's article are literate, which cannot be said of the prevalent juvenile form called texting, which is largely restricted to a phone in contrast to email, used by people who have or had jobs and/or are not terrorized by a 14 year old's group mentality developed before the introduction of smartphones, which are $650 devices designed by geniuses to be used by idiots as $25 pagers. Hey, they can be used for phone calls, you know.

However, please note the disturbing and obvious words that even Cameron has used: conversation and discussion. Cameron never spoke to "Tango". I will be amazed if there is actually a recorded episode available to the public with "Tango's" voice.
Image result for boo radley
Robert Duval as Boo
Who is this guy, Boo Radley, Greta Garbo. ...? What's the deal with the self important privacy? Bill James is out there. We won't bite. OK, maybe we will but everyone else is exposed.

I do not delude myself into thinking that I am any kind of journalist but I had an experience with "Tango" and found something interesting about him. He's not real. Here's my post on this:

Who is Tangotiger and why is he writing about WAR for better or worse? Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tangotiger just had several articles published at fangraphs.com ...

What do you think about someone who won't put a name on stuff that he/she writes?


Who Is Tangotiger?
Posted on May 29, 2010

Tangotiger is an obvious nom de plume, but I–like many people, I expect–assumed that Tom Tango was his real name, as “Tom M. Tango” appears on the cover of his book...

The name Tom Tango or Tom M. Tango doesn’t really appear until 2006, which makes sense, considering he invented it for the cover of The Book...

his e-mail address then was tangotigre@aol.com, whereas now it’s tangotiger@yahoo.com ...

So the next time you’re in northern New Jersey and meet a 40-something, white (come on, he loves hockey), married, one-child-having, libertarian-leaning Canadian who works for large corporations doing database stuff, graduated college in 1990, and loves escrow accounts, he might just be Tangotiger!


I had a blogtalkradio thing a few years ago and sent this person an email message asking him/her to be a guest on a specific topic. The reply I finally got stated that only written questions would be answered via email. I dropped the idea.

Let's see if Brian Kenny ever interviews "Tom Tango" on MLB Network now that "Tango" works for MLB.

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