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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Earth to Micheal Kay and Yankee fans: call for Tyler Austin, not Aaron Judge.

Aaron Judge is still hurt and yet Yankee announcer and Yankee fans speaking to him on his radio show, continue to dwell on six foot seven inch right fielder Aaron Judge, who has been injured and whose AAA numbers are not overwhelming. Meanwhile, ...

The Yankees have an uninjured AAA player who can play both right field and first base: 6'2" Tyler Austin. My fiend Paul alerted me to him a few days ago.

AAA in 2016:
Judge: 370 PA, 16 HR, .261 .357 .469 .825
Austin: 190 PA, 12 HR, .323 .421 .658 1.079

Included in Austin's numbers, today's 3 for 4, including homer 12.


Personally, I'd have been playing Carlos Beltran in right and Alex Rodriguez at DH. Mark Teixeira has started to hit and I think A-Rod would too if he batted regularly.

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paul46 said...

Thanks, Ken! And yes why aren't they calling him up? The Yankees for a long time now have had this philosophy of not letting young players make the team. Since Jeter, I cannot recall a young everyday player getting a chance to make the big club.