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Sunday, July 10, 2016

If you traded general managers, ...

Last season in early August Detroit fired its general manager Dave Dombrowski and Boston hired him soon after. I don't think that Detroit received compensation but it makes for an interesting discussion. Dombrowski had been successful with the Marlins and Tigers but was not held in regard in some quarters. Since joining Boston, Dombrowski has been aggressive and seems to be turning the franchise around.

Suppose that the Yankees had hired Dombrowski when he was available last August and fired their GM Brian Cashman?  Or suppose that the Yankees had simply traded Cashman for Dombrowski? The two teams would probably be in very different positions.

So, what about trading executives? Obviously, trading the traders would have to be done my their bosses, the owners. In the past field managers have been traded. Cleveland manager Joe Gordon was traded for Detroit manager Jimmy Dykes.


... on August 3, 1960, the manager swap was made. The trade was truly bizarre and one that helped neither team.

Lou Piniella:
Piniella retired from the Yankees as an active player at age 40 following the 1984 season. In 2002 at the age of 58, Piniella had managed Seattle for the tenth consecutive season. Seattle traded its manager to Tampa.

Gil Hodges:

Sunday, May 5, 1963, , Polo Grounds V
Attendance: 53,880, Time of Game: 2:40
Second game of doubleheader
Mets 4, Giants 2

That was the final game for Hodges: 0 for 4 playing first base.
Gil Hodges was traded twice to be the manager.

Back to trading general managers. What or whom do you think your GM is worth? What or whom could the Yankees get for Brian Cashman? Would you trade him for the Dodgers GM? How about the Pirates? How about simply for Dombrowski? How much are they worth?

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