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Monday, July 25, 2016

Yankees should flip Cubs prospects for Chris Sale.

The Yankees traded Aroldis Chapman for Chicago Cubs prospects.

Chicago White Sox lefty starter Chris Sale is serving a team imposed five game suspension for insubordination. His contract is favorable to the team. With Dodger Clayton Kershaw injured, Sale may be the best lefty starter.

Using some of those newly acquired Cubs prospects, maybe with some of their own, the Yankees might be able to trade for Sale to pitch at the top of their rotation. That would make the Yankees a team opponents will not want to play in the tournament. It could lift a dormant .500 team into the tournament to make an unexpected run with these aging non-pitchers.

The Yankees just called up Luis Severino, their highly regarded righty starting pitcher. Severino might have to be included in a trade for Sale.

Playing their home games in the extremely non-symmetrical Yankee Stadium, the Yankees desperately need lefty starting pitchers. CC Sabathia is their only lefty starter and he's well past his prime. 1947 is the only year the Yankees won the championship without a lefty starter.

Make the deal.

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