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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Extra bad dog days for fans of teams that quit, now including Yankee fans, who should watch only if Alex Rodriguez starts.

Wow. It's even worse than I had expected. I knew it was inevitable that the Yankees would one year join the ranks of teams that give up with one third of the season remaining but I had thought that those teams were losers. The Yankees, however, demonstrated that a losing record was not a prerequisite.

Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner spit the bit and let his incompetent general manager Brian Cashman turn the Yankees into a laughing stock. Rather than trade for veterans outfielder Jay Bruce (29) and lefty pitcher Matt Moore (27), both with reasonable contracts, to fill obvious needs for 2016 and building for the future, Steinbrenner let Cashman do what should be done in an orderly way in the off season: trade veterans for minor league players. And all this to recover from Cashman's many mistakes over several years.

In addition Steinbrenner, Cashman and Yankee president Randy Levine have renewed their vendetta against Alex Rodriguez, who has been benched indefinitely. This is supposed to let minor league players show their stuff but it's really just petty revenge because the triumvirate signed Rodriguez to a big contract, which they self loathingly regret. They are once again trying to provoke Rodriguez into quitting, something they are so good at.

Normally I consider the dog days to be those between the last NBA playoff game and the first NFL game when baseball becomes naked, with neither of the other team sports to distract us from just how boring baseball has become. The games are so long and tedious, even when your team is in contention.

But now with it painfully obvious that the team has quit, the boredom is overwhelming. They are like spring training games and it's completely unacceptable. That combined with the mistreatment of Rodriguez has caused me to adopt the following policy: I will not watch any more 2016 Yankee games unless Rodriguez is in the starting lineup.

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