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Friday, September 2, 2016

Gary Sanchez, the one and only Baby Bomber.

Despite getting only one hit in each of three games in Kansas City (3 for 15), rookie catching sensation Gary Sanchez still has OPS 1.239 and OPS+ 220. OPS+ 100 is league average. That includes 0 for 4 May 14. Sanchez was recalled from AAA Aug. 3. Sanchez hit his first home run in his sixth August game and number eleven in game 20. He's now gone four games without a home run.

August 13 Tyler Austin (1B) and Aaron Judge (RF) became the only teammates ever to homer back to back in their first plate appearances (PA). Judge then homered in his second game. Even including their auspicious starts, Austin has hit like a pitcher and Judge looks lost, striking out in 49% of his at bats (AB).

Let's look at the three babies and the August batting of two Yankees whom Austin and/or Judge would replace: OF Aaron Hicks, himself only 26, and retiring 36 year old first baseman Mark Teixeira.


Manager Joe Girardi insists that his priority is to win games and qualify for the tournament. The Yankees are three games back in the loss column for the second wild card spot. Despite that, it's difficult to imagine why Girardi continues to play Austin at all and why he would play Judge instead of Hicks.

Even the most delusional of Yankee fans must now realize that their euphoria about the Baby Bombers was misplaced, at least for the time being regarding Austin and possibly Judge. It's likely that Girardi will keep Austin on the bench and play Judge judiciously. Gary Sanchez is the one and only Baby Bomber. Case closed.

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