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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trade Gary Sanchez for Mike Trout.

The Yankees should hope that August call up sensation Gary Sanchez breaks a pinky finger and is out for the season so that his numbers are frozen:
OPS: 1.221
OPS+: 215
HR: 11 in 101 AB.

Sanchez will be under club control for at least five years and his value will never be higher. He is likely to regress to the mean and the Yankees should be thrilled if he can match his 2016 AAA OPS .807 in 2017. He's already fading from his imitation of Babe Ruth.

The Yanks are stuck with 32 year old Brian McCann at $17 million per year for two more years, so he is untradable. And the Yankees also have Austin Romine, a capable backup catcher.

Trade Sanchez for Mike Trout, who is owed $102 million 2018-2020, which is why I think he'll be traded before then.

Why Mike Trout is likely to be traded after the 2017 season: simple, his salary increases 70% to $34 million. Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Yankees should make an uncharacteristic imaginative and bold move.

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