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Monday, November 7, 2016

Major League player draft between all seasons.

You know those funny little clown cars in the circus, which drive out and then have an unimaginable number of clowns emerge? That's what MLB Network looks like now. People verbally running around like clowns handicapping free agent signings and trades. There is an alternative.

Have a Major League player draft between all seasons. You know, the type they do for expansion teams. Combine that with eliminating trades during the season: between the start of the regular season and the end of the tournament.

Teams can protect some number of players on their 40 player roster. Maybe protect 15. Some other rules might apply to prevent some teams from being unduly depleted.

That should bring some equilibrium. The alleged objective of the current rules are to help promote competitive balance but it seems more like buyer's remorse and salary dumping.

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