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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Aroldis Chapman back in Yankee Stadium in front of hundreds of Yankee fans at 11 PM wondering how 105 MPH fastball pitcher ages.

Can you imagine? If the Yankees are really as mediocre as they now seem, when Aroldis Chapman does pitch in Yankee Stadium in 2017 it will likely be at night and around 11 PM. Even if it's a save situation, most fans will have left. After all, they've already seen his act.

If Chapman is just getting work in a non-save situation, that situation could be intolerable with only a few hundred of the most dysfunctional fans remaining.

Oh, Chapman's innings in his four All Star seasons with Cincinnati:
2012 71
2013 63
2014 54
2015 66.

Sweat dreams, Yankee fans, wondering why the Cubs cost/benefit analysis resulted in letting Chapman walk. And how good could those minor league "prospects" be? You know, the ones the Cubs sent to the Yankees to rent Chapman for the 2016 tournament. Now that it's done, the Cubs have no more use for the Cuban Missile who will be 29 in February. How do 105 MPH fastball pitchers age?

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