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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Should Yankees bring back Brian Cashman and/or Joe Girardi in 2018?

Neither. Both their contracts expire after the 2017 season. In yesterday's post, Cashman is quoted as stating that both would like to return.

I've documented many mistakes by Cashman on this blog. He is semi competent. I've also documented how Girardi's superior record has masked many of the organization's problems.

Hal Steinbrenner, the managing general partner and youngest child of the late owner George Steinbrenner, is in way over his head. He should not renew Cashman after this season. Hal should let the new GM pick the field manager.

The problem is that Hal does not have the knowledge, experience or interest to select a new GM. So where would he get advice? From Randy Levine, club president for far too and a hold over from the planning days for construction of the new Yankee Stadium? Levine is basically George's baby sitter. George's kids have yet to out grow their need for a baby sitter. Hal seems to be in constant search for his polo pony.

The commissioner's office should step in and get the Yankees straightened out. Best would be the Steinbrenners selling the team, which has been advocated in this blog for some time.

What's most likely is that Hal will bring back Cashman. Hal simply does not know what else to do.

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