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Monday, February 27, 2017

Bozo look-alike contest: Yanks Clint Frazier is a 2017 contender ... if he makes the team.

Clint Frazier is not likely to make the opening day roster for the Yankees. Heck, he's got to learn to hit AAA pitching first. But when/if he does join a major league team and actually play a while, Frazier, both in looks and base running, will be an instant contender.

Image result for clint frazier images

And you thought that the Yankees had grooming standards. Hey, Hal Steinbrenner is trying to appeal to the young fans. That's why he's saving up his hundreds of millions for Bryce Harper, a total asshole, rather than for Mike Trout, who reminds many of us of Mickey Mantle.

deGrom edges Syndergaard in 2016 Bozo look-alike contest. Sunday, May 22, 2016

Jacob deGrom wins the 2016 Bozo the Clown look-alike contest! Noah Syndergaard gets honorable mention for second place. No others are even close. Judge for yourself.

Photo of Jacob deGromImage result for bozo the clownPhoto of Noah Syndergaard

From left to right: deGrom, the real Bozo the Clown, Syndergaard.

I know, it's really difficult to distinguish among them. Metsie fans must be so proud.

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