Friday, February 17, 2017

Why I'm skeptical about Yankee "prospects" Judge, Frazier, Torres.

Plate Appearances (PA) in minors and (PA and OPS at highest level), Prospect Ratings Pre-2016:

Aaron Judge: 1,513 (AAA 670, OPS .786); MLB 95, OPS .608
Born: April 26, 1992 MLB Debut: August 13, 2016
by Baseball America: #76
by #18
by #31

Clint Frazier: 1,845 (AAA 129, OPS .657)
Born: September 6, 1994
by Baseball America: #44
by #53
by #27
Gleyber Torres: 1,300 (A+ 570, OPS .757)
Born: December 13, 1996
by Baseball America: #41
by #41
by #28

​Surprising PA.​ OPS nothing special. So why such high evaluations? This is why I'm skeptical. Each has plenty of PA.

Let's look at a couple of young players called up in 2016 by other teams.

Andrew Benintendi: 657 (AA 263, OPS .872); MLB: 118, OPS .835
Born: July 6, 1994 MLB Debut: August 2, 2016 with Red Sox

Alex Bregman: 679 (AAA 83, OPS 1.015); MLB 217, OPS .791
Born: March 30, 1994 MLB Debut: July 25, 2016 with Astros
by Baseball America: #42
by #39
by #22

It's sort of a joke, isn't it? Torres is the youngest of these five but even he has almost twice the minor league PA of either Benintendi or Bregman and with less success at A+ then they had at AA and AAA respectively.

And Judge and Frazier seem like clowns, with more than twice the minor league PA of Benintendi or Bregman and still neither beats the much less experienced players.

So, what the heck?

Who wouldn't trade Judge or Frazier or Torres for either Benintendi or Bregman?

Some people might trade any two for either Benintendi or Bregman.

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