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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Joe Posnanski All-Time World Team omits Babe Ruth and Sadaharu Oh.

What's the deal with Roberto Clemente? He wasn't as good as Hank Aaron or Frank Robinson. Probably not even as good as Al Kaline or Carl Yastrzemski. Tony Oliva had a short career. And those are just contemporaries.

25 players, 25 countries: Baseball's All-Time World Team
By Joe Posnanski MLB.com @JPosnanski March 19th, 2017

Why isn't Roberto Clemente on my team?

Read it for yourself. At first it seems interesting but quickly becomes silly at best. So just a few random comments, as I stopped reading pretty quickly.

On what team would Clemente start? Hardly any that's very good. Maybe all time Pirates. In what seasons was he the best RF in NL?

Glenn Hubbard (2B) born in Germany because his father was stationed there while in the U.S. Air Force, stationed at Hahn AFB, West Germany. The country was not even united back in 1957. What the heck? What about someone born in East Germany? North Korea, which still exists?

Sadaharu Oh!? Wasting Japan on Ichiro? Put Clemente out there rather than Ichiro, king of the singles! Oh hit 868 home runs playing first base in Japan.

Miguel Cabrera played a lot more at 1B than 3B, where Posnanski has him: 8,407 innings to 5,907.

​Wasting USA on Barry Bonds, not Babe Ruth? Mega what the heck?

Oh, the humanity. I'm done.

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