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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Should Yankee fans be bullish or bearish?

Fans tend to be fannish: emotional and unrealistic. This can be optimistic, pessimistic or often an irrational combination.

About the Back End of the Yankees’ Rotation
by Eno Sarris - March 28, 2017 fangraphs.com

The American League East is going to be tough this year. The Yankees are projected to win 81 games and yet still finish last, is how tough. That same win total, for example, would place a team in a tie for second in the AL Central’s projected standings.

There are reasons to be more bullish on the Yankees than the projections suggest. Plenty of smart people around the team are. The young core, consisting of Gary Sanchez, Greg Bird, Didi Gregorius, Aaron Judge, and Clint Frazier, provides a fair amount of upside. If the bullpen proves to offer as much depth as it is does excellence at the top, you’d have two-thirds of a really good team.

Time out. On what planet is this guy? Didi is injured. Judge is still battling the other Aaron (Hill) to start in right field. Frazier will again try to hit AAA pitching.

Ellsbury (Yanks ranked 22 in CF), Headley, Castro are mediocre at best.

CC is the number two or three starter.

Bird better be the word.

Am I seeing the glass as half empty?

Yes, because it is half empty, as in half of 8 starters are below average. Gardner in LF is OK, along with Gregorius. Sanchez and Bird may be young stars but they are only two and yet to really establish themselves for more than two months in a Yankee season. That's 4 of 8.

My view of Green and Cessa has been that they could be like Mantle and Maris: the only teammates with 50 homers in the same season. Unfortunately, Green and Cessa are unproven starting pitchers, not OF sluggers extraordinaire.

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