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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Why is Gleyber Torres rated 7th best prospect by fangraphs.com? Old time scouting?

2017 Top 100 Prospects by Eric Longenhagen - March 13, 2017

Signed: July 2nd Period, 2013 from Venezuela
Tool Grades (Present/Future)
HitRaw PowerGame PowerRunFieldingThrow
Scouting Summary
Torres is built like a late-60s Camaro and packs a similar wallop, possessing rare power on contact for a middle infielder. His defensive actions are sexier than they are effective at this point. While I think he’ll eventually be fine at shortstop, scouts are not unanimous in that regard, either because they want to see him tighten up fundamentally or think he’ll lack range at physical maturity. If that happens — or if New York employs a superior defensive shortstop — Torres’s bat still profiles anywhere and he’s a potential star at second or third base, too.

Born: December 13, 1996 (Age: 20 and 100 days) in Caracas, VE

A+ ball:
PA: 571
AB: 501
HR: 11
OPS: .757

"rare power"?

How the heck can Gleyber Torres be the seventh best prospect? Certainly not on his stats. It could only be on old time scouting. So, what the heck is fangraphs.com doing promoting on that basis and melding scouting prospects with stats prospects and making no attempt to differentiate or explain?

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