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Friday, April 14, 2017

Aaron Judge has cut his strike out rate in half but has he turned the corner?

In a dozen days Aaron Judge will be 25, hardly a kid as often described by Yankee fans too long deprived of real kid wonders.

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So far in 2017 Judge has cut his strike put rate in half, which is a big deal since he was striking out in half his at bats (AB) in 2016.

In 2017 Judge has played 9 games. In games 6 through 8, Judge had one single and one home run in each. OPS through 9 games: .984.

In 2016 Judge homered in his first plate appearance (PA) and again in his second game. Home run number three did not come until game 15. Through his first five 2016 games his OPS was 1.228 but through his 9th it was .793. Judge then plummeted to .572 in game 22. He finished at .608.

So the obvious question is: has Aaron Judge turned the corner or is he due for yet another fall?

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