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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Yankees: first two innings zero balls in play. The apocalypse approaching?

The horror. The horror.

St. Louis Cardinals at New York Yankees Box Score, April 15, 2017
Yankees 3, Cardinals 2

Bottom of the 1st, Yankees Batting, Tied 0-0, Cardinals' Carlos Martinez facing 1-2-3
b10-00---7,(3-2) NYYBrett GardnerCarlos Martinez3%58%Walk
b10-001--5,(3-1) NYYAaron HicksCarlos Martinez5%64%Walk; Gardner to 2B
b10-0012-3,(0-2) ONYYChris CarterCarlos Martinez-5%59%Strikeout Swinging
b10-0112-2,(1-0) NYYJacoby EllsburyCarlos Martinez5%63%Passed Ball; Gardner to 3B; Hicks to 2B
b10-01-236,(3-2) ONYYJacoby EllsburyCarlos Martinez-7%56%Strikeout Swinging
b10-02-231,(0-0) RNYYStarlin CastroCarlos Martinez8%63%Wild Pitch; Gardner Scores/No RBI; Hicks to 3B
b11-02--35,(3-1) NYYStarlin CastroCarlos Martinez1%64%Walk
b11-021-36,(3-2) NYYChase HeadleyCarlos Martinez2%66%Walk; Castro to 2B
b11-021235,(0-2) ONYYGreg BirdCarlos Martinez-6%60%Strikeout Looking
1 run, 0 hits, 0 errors, 3 LOB. Cardinals 0, Yankees 1.

Bottom of the 2nd, Yankees Batting, Ahead 1-0, Cardinals' Carlos Martinez facing 8-9-1
b21-00---4,(0-2) ONYYKyle HigashiokaCarlos Martinez-2%64%Strikeout Swinging
b21-01---3,(0-2) ONYYRonald TorreyesCarlos Martinez-1%62%Strikeout Swinging
b21-02---5,(3-1) NYYBrett GardnerCarlos Martinez1%63%Walk
b21-021--6,(3-2) NYYAaron HicksCarlos Martinez2%65%Walk; Gardner to 2B
b21-0212-3,(0-2) ONYYChris CarterCarlos Martinez-4%61%Strikeout Swinging
0 runs, 0 hits, 0 errors, 2 LOB. Cardinals 0, Yankees 1.

All walks and all strike outs. No fielders involved. Baseball is devolving.

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