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Friday, June 30, 2017

Fly caught on warning track should be in play, not an out, for safety.

I've suggested this previously but two incidents this season cry out for this common sense safety change to the rules. Once a player steps onto the warning track, he may not record a putout. This removes any incentive to try to catch a fly near a wall.

Two Yankee outfielders have been seriously injured this season crashing into a wall try to catch a fly ball.

Center field veteran Jacoby Ellsbury crashed into the wall catching a ball and suffered a concussion. He just returned after missing weeks.

Last night rookie Dustin Fowler in his first game crashed into a low wall and injured his leg, which will require surgery.

Both injuries could have been prevented if my rule change had been implemented. It's basic common sense.

There is no Olympic event that requires the athlete to sprint into a wall while looking in the opposite direction. Asking baseball players to do it is absurd and irresponsible.

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