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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Aaron Judge: 33 HR in same number of AB as in AAA in 2016 with only 19 HR.

Aaron Judge has this inexplicable oddity. How can such sudden improvement be explained?


2016 AAA 352 AB, 19 HR

2017 Yankees 351 AB, 33 HR

Pitching should be tougher playing for the Yankees in the Major League. Could it be the juiced Titlist baseballs in the Major League that are not being used in the minor leagues? Didn't we see this with Gary Sanchez when he came up in August 2016 and hit 20 HR with the Yankees? What the heck?

Judge's Dodger rookie home run hitting counterpart, Cody Bellinger, had much less minor league experience when he burst on the scene in 2017 at the age of 21, just turned 22 July 13. In 2016 Judge was already 24 and Sanchez 23. And Bellinger's minor league numbers suggested what was to come.

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