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Friday, July 7, 2017

Trade Judge and Sanchez for Seager and Bellinger? Two Yankees for two Dodgers.

Come on, it's interesting, right, especially since it's two for two, not one for one? There have been these types of hypothetical proposals for decades.

Joe DiMaggio for Ted Williams.

Mickey Mantle for Willie Mays.

We could even suggest Aaron Judge for Mike Trout. Say what? Judge is a rookie and Trout has been king of baseball for five years. True but there are two other factors:
- age; Judge 25 and 72 days; Trout 25 and 334 days; not enough to be an issue
- money; Judge $544,500, Trout $20 million but then increasing to $34 million in 2018 ... and 2019 ... and 2020.

I've been suggesting here for some time that the Angels owner will not want to finally pay Trout what Trout is worth. With Trout's salary due to increase substantially, money seems like a consideration.

Money is not as big a factor for any of the four star players mentioned in the title of this post. But age is a factor since all four are young. So, it's basically talent for talent, two Yankees for two Dodgers.

Judge (25 and 72 days), $544,500

Gary Sanchez (24 and 217 days), $557,900

Corey Seager (23 and 71 days), $557,900

Cody Bellinger (21 and 359 days)

The two Dodgers, Seager and Bellinger, are younger and bat lefty. Both Yankees, Judge and Sanchez, bat righty. Seager plays shortstop, Sanchez catcher. Bellinger can play first base or the outfield. Judge plays right.

So, if you're a Yankee fan, would you do the deal?

If you're a Dodger fan, would you do the deal?

My guess is that neither fan base would support trading its young stars. But the question forces us to evaluate differently than we already have.

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