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Monday, July 24, 2017

Yankee rookie Clint Frazier has one BB in 63 PA. Problem? And how have Yanks handled their 40 man roster?

At least 40 Plate Appearances (PA) and zero Bases on Balls (BB) are all pitchers:

1Ivan Nova460-86.051201730PITNL2039010000025070000.026.026.026*1
2Jake Arrieta45010.432201731CHCNL2244270115021010000.159.159.273*1/H
3Jeff Samardzija440-25.293201732SFGNL2341141012016030000.098.098.195*1/H
4Jimmy Nelson430-49.195201728MILNL2041040002023020000.098.098.098*1
5R.A. Dickey410-44.211201742ATLNL1938040005010030000.105.105.105*1

The non-pitcher with the most PA and zero BB: Yankee rookie 1B Garrett Cooper: 24 PA, OPS+ 58, OPS .625.

At least 60 PA and ONE BB:

1Arismendy Alcantara93125.487201725CINNL629212183116033000110.196.204.283*H/498657
2Erik Gonzalez68192.753201725CLEAL306611195024023010010.288.299.455*4/65H7
3Clint Frazier631129.908201722NYYAL166171862311018001200.295.302.607*7/9D
4Justin Ruggiano63150.571201735SFGNL19602131024017101011.217.238.333*9/7H8
5Marco Hernandez60166.628201724BOSAL21587163002015100001.276.300.328/546H

None are pitchers and the only batter with above league average OPS+ is another Yankee rookie: OF Clint Frazier: .295/.302./.607/.908.

Frazier has achieved his .607 SLG with 11 of his 18 hits being for extra bases. Frazier's hits:
1B: 7
2B: 6
3B: 2
HR: 3

Only one of his three homers would likely be a homer with baseballs that are not juiced but even if both of his questionable homers were reduced to doubles, Frazier would still have really good numbers.

But is this sustainable given that Frazier has only one BB? Even with 11 extra base, pitchers apparently are not afraid of Frazier. Maybe they should be. On the other hand, Frazier has Struck Out (SO) in 18 of his 61 At Bats (AB). It's not really high but his SO to BB ratio is 18 to 1. Ouch.

Obviously, extra base hits are a lot more valuable than BB. A lot more. But there is also Frazier's weird swing. Why hasn't anyone else noticed it? Frazier takes a sort of emergency hack as part of his regular repertoire. He does it fairly often and rarely gets a hit doing it. Maybe that's why it took Frazier a whopping 2,327 minor league PA to finally be called up and even then only after injuries to other outfielders. Frazier will be 23 on Sept. 6, so there's still plenty of time to develop.

Frazier was the key minor league player acquired one year ago when Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman traded lefty relief pitcher Andrew Miller to the eventual American League champion Cleveland Indians. Cashman was tanking the season by trading valuable major league players for minor league prospects. Funny how that works. About one month after receiving Frazier, Cashman traded International League MVP Ben Gamel to Seattle. Cashman essentially gave away Gamel, who is now 25.

Brian Cashman traded Ben Gamel August 31, 2016 for Juan De Paula and Jio Orozco. Saturday, July 22, 2017

Was this a mistake or was Cashman making the best of the 40 player roster?

2017 is Gamel's first full major league season. Yanks traded him right after he had been named 2016 International League MVP, so his value was relatively high. So far in 2017 in 318 plate appearances: OPS+ 123: .319/.372/.448/.820.

Gamel is hitting 23% better than league average.


During the TV broadcast of yesterday's Yankee game in Seattle former Yankee pitcher David Cone was explaining that it was a numbers game, that Gamel was being crowded off the Yankee 40 man roster to make room for ... others. Apparently one of those was Clint Frazier.

So what's the point of tanking, adding minor league players, then giving away other minor league players you already have to make room for the newer ones? Didn't Cashman understand all this? Cashman is in year number 20 as Yankee GM. Surely, either he or some hot shot subordinate knows how to play the GM game, right? No one expects main stream media types much less Yankee owner and managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner to know. But shouldn't there be some oversight, some accountability?

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