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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Suppose this weekend was nickname dress like a softball league weekend? Would Yankees - Red Sox seem diminished?

The Boston Red Sox are playing a "big" three game series at Yankee Stadium this weekend.

Uniform horror: pink, baby blue, camouflage, now nicknames. Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio? Thursday, August 10, 2017

"The horror! The horror!" ...

As part of a Major League Baseball-wide “Players Weekend,” from Aug. 25 to 27, the Yankees will wear an alternate uniform with a script “Yankees” across the front, gray caps and — take a deep breath here — the players’ nicknames on the back of their jerseys...

It's not golf. It's a team sport in which team members dress the same. They are supposed to look alike in their uniforms. A UNIFORM is NOT an expression of individuality. Wake the heck up...

The word uniform has a meaning. Meanwhile they're allowed to jerk around interminably between pitches, which sucks the life out of a game. It's easier for the commissioner to ignore that and have them play ill conceived dress up.

And ironically, it won't attract young people. They're long gone.

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