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Monday, February 12, 2018

Gossage and Cashman: bigger fool?

Goose (Rich Gossage) and Brian Cashman, the odd couple.

Message from one of my cousins:

date: Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 5:25 PM
Goose Gossage Calls Brian Cashman 'F--king Assh--e' for Spring Training Snub | Bleacher Report

to ken
What do you think?


My impromptu rely:

Goose was correct until he got to the rule changes to make the game more safe, especially crashing into the catcher. That was ridiculous. And there's no excuse for a pitcher to hit a batter. None. Go fight the guy if you have a real issue but throwing at him is cowardly.

No one is good enough to be in the same executive position 20 years, certainly not Cashman. He was George's clerk the first ten years, then George died and Hal is too dumb and lazy to bother paying attention, so Hal gave Girardi's money to Cashman. Girardi did his job much better than Cashman did his.

Cashman gave that ridiculous contract to Ellsbury. Extended Rodriguez and Sabathia. Acts like someone else did that.

If Yanks had finished first, they would have had home field in game 7 against Houston; home team won all 7 games. Boston traded for Sale, which is why they finished first. Houston traded for Verlander. When Cashman was named executive of the year, I thought why not the guy in Houston?

Cashman passed on Scherzer, Encarnacion. By his own admission should have signed Torres as an amateur, instead of trading Chapman to get him ... then giving Chapman $17 million for each of 5 years to pitch 60 innings. Yanks tanking in 2016 is a disgrace.

Asleep when Donaldson was traded to Toronto, instead signed Headley one month later.

Released Jose Quintana ... TWICE. The guy never threw a pitch for the Yankees. Could have given them 1,000 lefty innings the last five years, maybe a #3 starter.

Drafted Aaron Judge with Yanks SECOND pick. Five spots ahead of Judge: Cashman drafted a guy who still has not played a major league inning. DUMB luck Judge was still available.

Yanks #1 pick a couple of years ago: UCLA pitcher, whose arm fell off.

Credit for Sanchez and Severino, maybe Bird unless he's Nick Johnson. Cashman is mediocre at best. I'm the only one who mentions any of this stuff. You had to get me started? Call sometime.

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