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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

16 months after I implored MLB commissioner Bud Selig to DO something, a base runner was impaled in the chest.


Cubs outfielder Tyler Colvin was impaled in the left upper chest with a broken bat and taken to a local (Miami) hospital ... Colvin was listed in stable condition ... A tube was inserted into his chest to prevent a collapsed lung. He’ll remain hospitalized for two or three days, and his promising rookie season is over. The Cubs said he was fortunate to elude a much more serious injury ...

Marlins catcher Mike Rivera said it looked like Colvin was “being stabbed.” Cubs manager Mike Quade said he’s “amazed” it hasn’t happened more often with the proliferation of maple bats, which split in half with relative ease.

“We’ve seen guys get hit by pieces, but to actually get stabbed by one . . . ” Quade said. “I’m glad he’s okay. If it would’ve been more velocity, or the bat was sharper, I don’t know (what would’ve happened). He’s a strong guy, so maybe that had something to do with it. He dodged a bullet.”



MONDAY, MAY 18, 2009

MLB: switch to aluminum bats before someone gets killed.

It is obvious that MLB commissioner Bud Selig has neither the imagination nor the inclination to actually do something about the alarming tendency for wood bats to splinter into javelins and fly at people, both players and fans. Before one of these leathal projectiles embeds itself into the neck or chest of someone, outlaw the ancient wooden bats and replace them with bats made of alloys such as aluminum.

I know, I know, aluminum bats are supposed to be even more dangerous because the ball flies off them at faster speeds. However, the properties of aluminum that cause this can be managed to produce bats that are comparable to those made of wood.

Make the switch before someone is killed.

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