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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bob Costas sucks!

1960 World Series game 7: why didn't Stengel use Duren?  FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2010

I can only hope that Bob Costas reads this and does more than his usual sloppy job of repeating myths and mistakes. For instance, I expect Costas to mention that the Yanks could have won the WS if Stengel had started Whitey Ford in games 1, 4, 7. WRONG. I debunked that years ago. Bob, read the 1960 part of this:



Casey Stengel
Baseball Digest cover, October 1953
Public domain via Wikimedia Commons
Bob Costas really sucks. During the long awaited re-broadcast of game seven 1960 WS not only did Costas repeat all the usual drivel about Ford but he actually asked Bobby Richardson why Casey Stengel didn't have Ford relieve after pitching nine innings the previous day. However, neither the word Ryne nor the word Duren passed his lips. Dunderhead never speculated about why Duren did not pitch in game 7.

Costas also repeated the junk about Jim Coates not covering first base right after Coates is seen covering first base. Wake the heck up! I'd contact Costas directly but he displayed no e-mail, twitter, etc. on his MLB network profile.

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