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Friday, May 20, 2011

Re-alignment would make more money for MLB.

It's ironic that it's very likely that the re-alignment plan that I described in my last two posts would increase revenue for MLB.  Here's how:

1. reduced travel expense;
2. increased TV revenue: playing most games no more than one time zone away from home; this could have a huge impact on TV advertising: east coast fans won't have their teams playing on the west coast with the games ending at 1AM;
3. increased attendance.

So why does MLB continue to jerk around with it's sloppy and inefficient structure?  This weekend is a big one of inter-league play: Yankees-Mets, Reds-Indians, Nationals-Orioles, etc.  You'd think the interest in these games would inspire MLB to consider nurturing the natural rivalries that exist because of geographic proximity.  Too many of them are limited because the teams are not in the same league.

MLB is not even good at increasing its profits.  It does so many stupid things that are obviously driven by money but shows no imagination in creating new ways to improve the game and also make MORE MONEY.

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