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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

With more teams in MLB playoff, it's time to re-align.

MLB commissioner Bud Selig has been running his mouth about what a rocket scientist he is because he doubled the number of playoff teams in 1994,  Unfortunately, he also created those stupid 4 and 5 team divisions and a schedule in which teams play most of their games against non-division teams and also play different teams from the other conference or league as the American and National conferences were traditionally known before they melted into one league: Major League Baseball.

Now Selig is indicating that two more teams in each conference will qualify for the playoffs.  I have no doubt that Selig intends to mess up this too.  However, MLB has an opportunity to re-organize itself into a much improved form as it increases its playoff teams to ten of thirty.

Re-align into four 7-8 team divisions.  Put two in each conference.  Go to geographic groupings while maintaining traditional rivalries and creating new ones.

Put the Yankees and Mets in the same division.  And the Cubs and White Sox.  I could spell this out in more detail but the big issue is to create these new divisions and play at least 132 games (6*22) in division.  The new playoff system would naturally stem from this and it would be much more understandable and fair: the four division winners would be the top teams to qualify and have home field advantage plus, six wildcard teams


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