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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dog days extended?

See post SATURDAY, JULY 18, 2009 Dog days: between NBA and NFL seasons.

The dog days of baseball are not in August. They begin the day after the final NBA playoff game in June... until NFL pre-season games.

Since both pro basketball (NBA) and pro football (NFL) major leagues may have their regular seasons delayed, we fans may be facing extended dog days as defined here at radical baseball.  Oh, the humanity!

No other significant team sports in sight.  Baseball droning on, the pace ever slower, unlimited time outs, unlimited meetings, unlimited throws to first base, unlimited stepping off the mound, unlimited stepping out of the batters box, ...

No fast break.  No blitz.  No hurry up offense.  Just a devolving old team sport that never caught on to modern ideas: quick changes, free substitution, ...  The only significant change in the last forty years is the stupid designated hitter (DH) rule, which is only superior to having the pitcher bat.  My most recent suggestion to resolve this is the perfectly reasonable designated fielder (DF) with eight batters and no chance that it will be implemented in this millennium.

Stuck with nothing but baseball and no reform in sight.  Dog days extended?  Say it ain't so.  Say it ain't so.

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