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Friday, July 1, 2011

2 outfielders, 5 infielders

Yesterday afternoon was a bright sunny day at Yankee Stadium.  A Yankee hit a fly ball to left and the Brewer was fighting the sun.  When he caught the ball his teammate from center field was standing beside him exhibiting extreme hustle or a Nick Swisher like narcissism to be on camera.  It reminded me of my suggestion that MLB managers break out of their mental straight jackets occasionally and try something different:  2 outfielders and 5 infielders.  That CF got to LF with ease.

The Yankees have just the right players to try 2 outfielders and 5 infielders when game conditions permit blah, blah, blah.

RF Swisher also plays first base.  LF Gardner is a natural CF.  Yanks could move left throwing Swisher to 1B, 1B Teixeira to 2B, spread Gardner and CF Granderson into the power alleys and move 2B Cano, who has a powerful arm, behind second base where he would make all plays at the bag.

NL managers could do this even more often because the NL has that archaic rule requiring the pitcher to bat. When a really weak hitting pitcher is trying to execute a sacrifice bunt, blitz!  Make the shift.

I think this defensive alignment can be used a fair amount.  Try it, at least in the minor leagues.  Try it in spring training instead of just going through the motions.

Try something different.  ANYTHING!


paul46 said...

I've seen it done, I wish I could remember the teams. They do the shift on players so why not tinker more the defense ailment. Spring training would be a great time and place to tinker. It's not like the games count. On the major league level Tampa Bay's Joe Maddon seems like someone who would do this. Also with inter-league playa and American league pitchers having to bat, 5 infielders would work.

ryan said...

Joe maddon did the 5 infielder 2 outfielder shift vs the white so. In the 2008 alds

JK said...

Manny Acta did this with the Cleveland Indians against the Detroit Tigers tonight to get Quintin Berry (a non-power hitter who's extremely fast) out. Even though I'm a huge Tigers fan, this play was pretty cool to watch.