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Friday, February 10, 2012

MLB Clubhouse Confidential: wrong on AJ.

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High Heat: A.J. Burnett 02/09/1203:54
MLB Network's Clubhouse Confidential looks at A.J. Burnett's signing and a few other Yankees contracts that didn't pan out as expected

Unfortunately the video excludes guest Rob Neyer stating that AJ's problem was home runs, particularly in Yankee Stadium.  Neyer stated:

The problem for Burnett has been home runs.  I think he's just really ill equipped to pitch in Yankee Stadium as it is configured now with that short right field porch ... he just really can't pitch effectively there right now in my opinion.

AJ's AB/HR for his three seasons with the Yankees are almost dead even: 27.24 home, 27.81 road.  For a pitcher, higher is better.

AJ was better at home in 2010 by 6.2, better on the road in 2009 (3.5) and 2011 (2.3).  In other words 2011 was not as bad as 2009, his worst AB/HR in his three Yankee seasons.

Neyer would have been correct had he stated that AJ allowed HR at a higher rate than his Yankee teammates: AJ 27.5, other Yanks 33.1, difference 5.6.

This is not a huge mistake by the standards of other programs but I was surprised to see it on Clubhouse Confidential, which I have been recommending because of its usually good research.  OK, Brian Kenny has got to get off the Keith Hernandez for the Hall of Fame bandwagon but his program is much better than others on the MLB network.

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