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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nasty Factor


I was glancing at the pitch by pitch for a game today and saw NF (Nasty Factor) in addition to a description (fastball, slider, etc.) and miles per hour (mph).  I can't find the balloon definition but it seemed interesting.

For the few minutes I followed the game this way it helped me see what the previous batter had done, which I missed because I was so bored I was doing other stuff, like watching the 1972 movie 1776.  Hey, I'm a real American.


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Unknown said...

Nasty Factor is basically an assessment of how tough a pitch is to hit, in addition to velocity and pitch type it factors in deception and batters history against a pitch. Fastball over the plate to David Ortiz on a 3-1 count? Probably in the 20s as it soars into the night. Slider on 3-2 that starts at his head and breaks back into the strike zone? 90s. Higher scores show up for pitches that start IN the strike zone and break OUT or pitches that start OUT of the strike zone and break IN.