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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Yankees could have signed Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.​, top Toronto prospect.

Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. was signed as an international free agent by the Toronto Blue Jays. He was NOT drafted.

Yankee General Manager Brian Cashman, in his 21st year as GM, could have signed Vladimir Guerrero, Jr..​ Like he could have signed Gleyber Torres; by his own admission when he traded Aroldis Chapman for Torres: we "swung and missed" (when Torres was originally signed by the Cubs for $1.7 million; see below). If Hal Steinbrenner were alive, he might have noticed.

Now Batting in Class AA: Biggio, Bichette and Guerrero
The sons of three former big league stars play together for the New Hampshire Fisher Cats.
By Tyler Kepner April 20, 2018

Baseball America ranks Guerrero as the No. 3 prospect in the game ...

signed Guerrero from the Dominican Republic for $3.9 million in July 2015. The next June, they drafted Bichette in the second round from a high school in Florida, and Biggio in the fifth round from Notre Dame.

... signed with Toronto on July 2, 2015, for $3.9 million.[7][8]

8. Badler, Ben (July 2, 2015). "Blue Jays Agree To Sign No. 1 International Prospect Vladimir Guerrero Jr"baseballamerica.com. Retrieved July 2, 2015.

Cashman "swung and missed" on another international free agent player: Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.​ Or maybe this time Cashman didn't even swing.

Brian Cashman strikes out on Gleyber Torres in 2013, then trades Aroldis Chapman to make up for that failure. Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cashman said the Yankees coveted Torres three years ago, calling him the premier international free agent at the time. Cashman added that he was “disappointed we swung and missed; he was definitely a target for us.”


Friday, April 20, 2018

Best hitter on championship teams: Yankees 1996-2000, Reds 1970-1976, Dodgers 1947-1956.

Yankees 1996-2000
1Bernie Williams14531231996200027-31699268754087115630131535400524128127706936.324.410.551.960*8/DH
2Derek Jeter12335141996200022-2677130826009961493478407338115614823236610837.323.396.470.865*6/H
3Paul O'Neill11832721996200033-37746286442286518271015343512145080491005027.302.374.476.850*9/HD3
4Tino Martinez11432611996200028-3276928784348011569141577325374032213581148.278.352.486.838*3/HD

Reds 1970-1976
1Joe Morgan16332571972197628-3274226105657921462010842759223267177312931063.303.431.499.930*4/H
2Tony Perez13543951970197628-34103739095481112204301807124286579318040893117.284.354.490.845*35/H
3Johnny Bench13344541970197622-28104338786001030194152147515128664592511064616.266.349.489.837*2/9375H8
4Pete Rose13152161970197629-3511204585780143526549594055606436040618765636.313.391.431.822795/H8

Dodgers 1949-1956
1Duke Snider14752331949195622-2911934566875141125452271885600457191338161048337.309.390.565.955*8/H
2Jackie Robinson13744551949195630-371084371371411732044111360160972185668910114630.316.419.484.903*457/H369
3Gil Hodges13051721949195625-321218444276512511993125987464413676193731983622.282.373.515.888*3/79H82
4Roy Campanella12941151949195627-3410293596564100915815220749463244062519121292115.281.365.516.882*2/H
5Carl Furillo11547411949195627-3411584333626130922231147728335202863626111402922.302.356.469.826*9/H78
6Pee Wee Reese10253321949195630-371172452680712541944585504680248918941511814441.277.373.396.769*6/5H