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Thursday, July 12, 2012

What sucks the life out of games? Dead time between pitches.

The last four games that the Yankees played before the all star break were in Boston: Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, Sunday night.  Here are times to complete those nine inning games and the TV broadcaster.

3:59 Yanks won 10-8 local TV
3:07 Yanks won 6-1 local TV
3:36 Red Sox won 9-5 Fox (Red Sox did not bat in ninth)
4:02 Yanks won 7-3 ESPN

TV broadcaster does not seem to be the only culprit in making these games LONG, boring and unwatchable.  I fired up the DVR for at least the final excruciating innings of each game so that I could fast forward between each pitch because each batter steps out of the box between each pitch to wander aimlessly for no apparent reason other than his batting coach has no better instruction.  And, of course, the pitching coach had given comparable instruction to his wards.

As mentioned here previously game seven of the 1960 World Series took 2:36.  Final score: 10-9 Pirates over the Yankees.  More runs were scored in that game than in any of the four in Boston.  OK, the Pirates still had three outs to go so the game could have taken longer but it still would have been much shorter than the recent mess in Boston.  

Most people blame the commercials and pitching changes for the games being so long.  That 1960 WS game had a comparable number of pitching changes.  Pitchers should be changed on the fly: no mound visit, no warm-ups.  That would speed things up.  Commercials are not going away.

But what really sucks the life out of Major Baseball League (MBL) games is the dead time between each of the 300 pitches.  MBL money grubbers are not even making money during those pointless delays, unless MBL wants to keep its captive audience at the park longer to entice fans to buy more over priced stuff.

Meanwhile, at home, viewers like me are increasingly turning off and/or doing other stuff and not paying attention to the game.  MBL is in trouble that will cause it to crash by the year 2020 when MBL will predictably do too little, too late.

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