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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ichiro Suzuki:his power is very isolated.

Ichiro Suzuki: is he the most overrated player this millennium?  Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ichiro Suzuki ... the guy does not walk and does not hit home runs

That post received this comment:

Not only doesn't he hit home runs, he hardly hits doubles or triples, either. Career isolated power under .100.

Isolated Power
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Isolated Power or ISO is a sabermetrics baseball statistic which measures a batter's raw power. The formula is Slugging Percentage minus Batting Average, which removes all the singles that are included in SLG%. The final result measures how many extra bases a player averages per at bat.

I ran a query at baseball-reference.com for batters 1901-2012 with at least 5,000 AB and ISO at least .095 to include Suzuki whose ISO is currently .096.  666 batters were found, led by Babe Ruth at .348.

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