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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yankees humiliate A-Rod. Now what?

Why denigrate your product?  Alex Rodriguez is not an employee, he's the product.  Ticket takers are employees, not ball players.

Without getting too much into the soap opera aspect this reeks of GM Brian Cashman telling Yankee President Randy Levine and the male Steinbrenner kids: I told you so (concerning A-Rod's big contract).

The Yankees have inflicted all three humiliations mentioned here previously, none of which were inflicted on Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle or Willie Mays:
- benching
- dropped in the batting order
- pinch hit for.

Alex Rodriguez pinch hit for: worse than benching.  Thursday, October 11, 2012

For another team to take damaged goods and a huge contract the Yankees would have to pay maybe 75% of that contract to have Alex Rodriguez reach these milestones with another team:
- 2,000 runs
- 2,000 RBI
- 3,000 Hits
- 700 home runs.

Is that good business?

Whatever his faults, real or imagined, Rodriguez plays and practices hard with an unmatched diligence.  And he's endured his public humiliation with grace and dignity.

But wait.  The season is not actually over.  A-Rod could still perform and rescue his team.  Would that make for a happy ending?  Maybe for some.  But is this any way to treat another human being or to judge him?  Given his standing in his profession, Alex Rodriguez is being treated much worse than his peers, past and present all time great baseball players.

Finally, where are his Yankee teammates, including missing captain Derek Jeter?  Have any of them expressed concern with manager Joe Girardi who would never have done this without backing and probably encouragement from Cashman?  Who has gone to Girardi and said: Are you crazy?  Rodriguez has got to play!

None that we know of, and that says something about both them and Rodriguez, which is not positive.

 Too bad.  I really liked this Yankee team ... a week ago.  Now they're descending into the realm of the Mets and Red Sox.  This is getting ugly.  And the Yankees, from top to bottom, and their fans have only themselves to blame.

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