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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hall of Fame: how about an all new election every year?

Yeah, earn your way in each year.  If criteria change, change the members.  Have a living Hall even with dead guys.

If voters are really offended by Ty Cobb as a person, don't vote for him.

If voters discover flaws in a player's game, drop him.

If voters come to their senses, drop Bert Byleven.

Think of it like the awards.  Just because a player wins an award one season does not mean that he'll get it the next.  That way voters won't be so shy.  They seem reluctant to embrace my idea of deducting members.  I guess the writers don't want to offend anyone, especially the living.  Hey, Bill Mazeroski, you're out!  This way Maz can feel honored to have been in the Hall at all, just not forever.  So maybe voters got a little carried away with the fielding thing, especially now that we know so much more that tells us how little we know.

This would also provide for that messy O.J. event, you know when an honoree commits double homicide, just not during a game.

Why not let the membership change over time but not just by constantly adding.  Maybe we could elect the top 100 each year.  That should keep the writers busy.

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