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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Experimental League

No, not a developmental league.  There's too much developing, not enough experimenting.  Baseball people, fans included, think there's nothing new.  In fact, they think it's best to go backward, into the abyss of past orthodoxy even worse than the current.  Argh.

Would it kill them to simply try something different?  Anything.  OK, preferably something radical, preferably my radical ideas but SOMETHING.  ANYTHING.

How about a few simple ideas that require little, if any, rule changes.

1. Designated fielder, not designated hitter; eight batters.

2. Two outfielders, five infielders.

3. Everybody know how to switch hit, like everybody know how to bunt.

4. Start the count on 3-2.  2-1?  Come on, something.

5. Start the closer.

6. Three pitchers, three innings each, every four days.

7. 30 player roster, 25 active per game.

8. No coaches, including the manager, allowed on the field.  That means no meetings, discussions with umps, junk.

9. No extra innings.

10. Game ends within two hours.

11. Players may return in the same position in the batting order; changes on the fly, no ritual.

See I left out side boards, eliminating the catcher, etc.  You know, the really good stuff.  Come on, pick at least one and TRY IT.

Some safety stuff would be nice:

1. Fly catch on the warning track is not an out.

2. No sliding into a base; overrunning the base allowed.

3. No blocking a base/plate.

4. No hitting in the head.

5. Thrown bat is an out.

6, Splintered bat is an out.

Experimental League.  Can't hurt.

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